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NYC’s Shake Shack is Coming to Saint Louis

NYC’s Shake Shack is Coming to Saint Louis

NYC’s Shake Shack is Coming to Saint Louis
February 13
07:01 2016

800px-Danny_Meyer_FT_Charity_Wine_Dinner_2010Yet another fantastic institution has decided to come to Saint Louis — the Central West End, to be specific. The Shake Shack has been a New York institution since 2000, when it was just a food cart in Madison Square Park. Of interest to Saint Louis Life followers is that Shake Shack was founded by native Saint Louisian Danny Meyer.

I was in New York in 2010 and went to the Shake Shack — twice. We loved it so much the first time, we had to go back right before boarding the plane to leave. I’d describe it as Steak and Shake meets Five Guys, but a way better atmosphere and much cooler.

Danny Meyer had this to say about opening the Saint Louis location:

I’d say for the last 25 years, I’ve heard from friends, developers I know or don’t know and others — not least of which my mother — that I should open a restaurant in St. Louis, I’m very wary of the kinds of businesses, whether its casinos or hotels or restaurants, that just put up a logo, but the chef isn’t there or the owner isn’t there. I knew that if there was ever someone on my team that wanted to live in St. Louis and really run the place exactly the way we run it here (in New York City), then we’d open a St. Louis location.

We finally convinced him! There’s more reason to get excited – he hinted at possibly multiple locations. Danny didn’t get it right at first, though. Nobody does. He has a really great story about creating his New York City restaurant empire, which you can read here.

Shake Shack will be part of a 31-million dollar mixed-use development on Euclid in the Central West End. More about that here.


The bad news: We have to wait until late 2017. Until then, we can always hit Joe Edward’s amazing new Peacock Diner (they serve alcohol, btw) in the loop.

You can follow Shake Shack Founder Danny Meyer on Twitter here and you can get the full scoop from the Saint Louis Business Journal here



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