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Saint Louis Ranked #1 Fastest Growing Startup Scene

Saint Louis Ranked #1 Fastest Growing Startup Scene

photo credit: DEMO-Mobile-Setup-0476 via photopin

Saint Louis Ranked #1 Fastest Growing Startup Scene
February 09
01:33 2016

Business insider recently published an article with some interesting news that we in Saint Louis already suspected — Silicon Valley startups are looking for less expensive places to start their companies and they like Saint Louis.

Mattermark is a company that provides research on companies for investors and other business deal-makers. They did the legwork on this study. They looked at a bunch of data, but basically they looked at how much capital investors are investing into startups based in cities outside of Silicon Valley and found that St. Louis is number one.

One of they biggest factors they found was cost of living. In Silicon Valley, you need an annual salary of around 180k to own a home and live comfortably. In Saint Louis, it’s way less than that.

You can get more information at the Business Insider and Mattermark posts, but know that Saint Louis is going places and investment in startups is just the beginning!

Look out Austin, here comes Saint Louis!

photo credit: DEMO-Mobile-Setup-0476 via photopin (license)



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